Mackenzie Berschel and Laura Flores Win Awards from the American Physiological Society!

Tap, tap, tap!! Is this thing on?

Twenty-twenty has been a difficult year for many of our laboratories, families, and communities. Still, members of the IPG Laboratory have continued to work together to address important challenges in biomedicine and physiology and have achieved success in their work.

Mackenzie Berschel

Mackenzie Berschel, a senior undergraduate member of the lab and Health and Human Physiology Honors student, was a recipient of the 2021 Barbara A. Horwitz and John M. Horowitz Outstanding Undergraduate Abstract Award. As an abstract awardee, Mackenzie will receive $100 and a 1-year complimentary membership with the APS. She presented her abstract at the 2021 Experimental Biology national meeting in April. Her research addresses genetic changes to the bone marrow microenvironment that support the development of multiple myeloma, a painful and debilitating cancer of bone marrow plasma cells. She is also the recipient of a University of Iowa ICRU fellowship and the Dr. Tom Rocklin Meet the Challenge Excel Award. The Meet the Challenge Excel Award is awarded by the University of Iowa Division of Student Life to a handful of undergraduates who set and pursue ambitious academic objectives that advance their overall goals and challenge their abilities.

Congrats Mackenzie!

Laura Flores

Laura Flores, a freshman Health and Human Physiology Honors student, has been named one of four Hearst Summer Research Fellows by the American Physiological Society. The Hearst Fellowship is supported by the Hearst Foundation and is awarded to the top applicants to the summer research program. The fellowship provides fellows with a hands-on research experience in the laboratory of an established American Physiological Society member, professional development activities and an opportunity to present their research at the national Experimental Biology meeting in the spring. Laura has also been awarded an Honors College scholarship in recognition of her outstanding academic achievement this year.

We’re proud of you, Laura!

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