Anthony Pamatmat and Hardik Kalra Won the Impact Award at the Hawkeye Startup Accelerator

With the coronavirus pandemic that was continuing to disturb the usual course of life on the campus, the 2020-21 academic year was a challenge. This has been one of the most difficult periods in all of our lives and we have for the most part persevered. Nevertheless, IPG Laboratory members were continuing making major steps towards unexplored frontiers.

Pneumero team has become a winner of the Impact Award at the Hawkeye Startup Accelerator with the innovative lung monitor idea, which positively impacts the lives of patients living with respiratory illness.

Hardik Kalra is a Master Health and Human Physiology Student and Anthony Pamatmat has graduated this spring with a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

We are very proud to have such outstanding young entrepreneurs among our members!

This award stands alone proudly witnessing your hard work! What an accomplishment!

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