Hardik Kalra Dares to Discover

Breaking into the new year with awe-inspiring news!

Hardik Kalra became 1 out of 82 of the University of Iowa’s rising stars of The Dare to Discover campaign!

The University of Iowa undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers and scholars in the Dare to Discover banner campaign are rocking the foundations in fields ranging from astronomy to medicine, public health, education and art. This achievement shows recognition of an outstanding academic achievements!

Congrats Hardik!

“By understanding how we breathe, I develop methods to better help physicians alleviate the suffering respiratory patients experience. Being involved in research has allowed me to implement concepts I learned in class into real life applications, and it has made me think critically about my career path.”

The banners are displayed from January to March 2022 on Washington Street, Clinton Street, Dubuque Street, and Linn Street downtown of Iowa City.

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