Jaclyn Boehm Was Accepted Into the PA School at Midwestern University in Glendale Arizona

After graduating from the University of Iowa, she started working as a Medical Assistant in a Dermatology clinic to gain patient contact experience in preparation for graduate school and was just accepted to start in the Summer of 2023.

Jaclyn Boehm is an IPG Lab alumna. During undergrad, she had taken a Respiratory Pathophysiology class with Dr. Bates. She was involved in a retrospective study regarding certain populations of cancer patients.

Congratulations, Jaclyn!

IPG lab students continue to shine for many years to come!

I reached out with the interest of joining IPG lab, and I was lucky enough to be accepted. I joined the lab during the time students were prepping for defense of their theses, so a lot of our lab review meetings were spent providing feedback to students regarding their research and learning from them.

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